Ontology creation for the rest of us…

6/16/2014 - The current COE installer is a version behind CmapTools, and will not currently run on MAC OSX. We are working on a new installer and hope to have it ready this week.

COE is a project whose goal is to develop an integrated suite of software tools for constructing, sharing and viewing OWL encoded ontologies based on CmapTools, a concept mapping software used in educational settings, training, and knowledge capturing. Concept maps provide a human-centered interface to display the structure, content, and scope of an ontology.

Currently, our work focuses on developing conventions for constructing new Cmap OWL ontologies that will assist and guide users when forming class and property relationships among the concepts in the ontology. In addition, we are working on clustering and searching techniques that support the reuse of existing ontologies.

An overview presentation is here.

Startup instructions are here.

The manual is here.


OWL Templates



Updater for V5.0.3

Version for Mac OS/X